Coastal Football Network - 1on1 Yearly Consulting

Coastal Football Network - 1on1 Yearly Consulting

Coastal Football Network 


Ran by Coastal Football Agency to provide a professional network of connections that can provide you opportunities, Professionally or Semi-Pro/College level, wherever you believe you deserve to play, CFN will provide players the opportunity to get in touch with over 45+ Leagues worldwide, over 6 different continents.



ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP - Renewal Option after 1 year.


You'll be able to view trials & offers from clubs all around the world, if you don't see anything around your desired area, reach out to 3 CFA Agents in the group to request an opportunity!


x3 - Coastal Football Agency Intermediaries
Access to Intermediaries who will be able to facilitate your trials and organize all the logistics for opportunities you desire.


x1 - Opportunity to sign for Coastal Football Agency PRO ROSTER

If you are successful on trial at a pro club, you'll have to opportunity to sign for CFA as a professional.


x1 - Player Profile (CV)


x1 - Network and Connections to Teams and Coaches


24-hour response rate to any communications 

If you believe you have what it takes, and want to connect with professionals in the game, join our private facebook group!

    GST Included